Obesity In teenagers is contagious?

A Teenager, in the vicinity of many overweight and obese peers life, feel such body images as the ideal. This shows a new US study from the University of Southern California. According to the researchers, this false perception leads to the fact that Teenagers tend to bring too much weight on the scale.

For the study of 401 young people should be able to select from a range of people of different size and stature, what your Ideal next came. It turned out that Teenagers from regions with higher Rates in selected obesity is more of a rounder figure than young people, in their environment, more slender people lived.

"Higher Obesity Rates can leave an unhealthy weight in teenagers appear normal, and the prevention erschweren", the senior researcher Ashlesha Datar commented. How can the suspended Body to counteract, however, remains unclear. Datar suggests: "Perhaps it is helpful to adolescents about unhealthy weight and ways to deal with social pressure and norms in terms of body size inform."

Risk factor für chronic diseases

The positive aspect of the Trend is that young people feel in their skin in this way, more comfortable and less hard on yourself judge of what helps, at least, the negative psychological effects of obesity on self-esteem. If obesity is increasingly considered normal, then this also counteracts the stigmatisation and bullying. Nevertheless, Obesity is the main risk factor for type 2 Diabetes, fatty liver and other severe chronic diseases, which can occur in young people remains.

Dr. David Katz, President of the American True Health Initiative, which promotes a healthy lifestyle, commented on the results of the study: "We should stop apportioning blame for the epidemic of obesity, but at the same time, the associated health disadvantages, you acknowledge and redouble our efforts to verhindern&quot obesity;.