Protects cracks on the pill prior to the cross band?

Young athletes, in whom an increased risk of injury, it would be of benefit, to prevent the anti-baby pill: A large study found that oral contraceptives may lower the risk for Cruciate ligament tears.

In the study, with nearly 83.000 women between the ages of 15 and 49 years of age showed: women, contraception with birth control pills, had an 18 percent lower risk for a cruciate ligament Operation as such, the pill is not revenue. In young women aged 15 to 19 years, the effect was particularly pronounced: In the case of taking oral contraceptives, the probability of an Operation after an injury to the anterior cruciate ligament is even 63 percent lower, the researchers report in the journal The Physician and sports medicine.

"Young women use the pill for various reasons, to regulate, the menstrual cycle or to prevent pregnancy. With careful consideration of the risks, reducing the risk of injury could be another possibility for the athletes of your application profitieren", Dr. Steven DeFroda of Brown University, Rhode Island concludes.

Cross-band cracks occur in particular in young athletes and in women significantly more often than men. May be a elevated estrogen level plays a role. The authors of the study assume that the pill contained the hormones Estrogen and progesterone hormonal surges during the menstrual cycle, suppress, and that this leads to the lower injury rate.