The flu is coming: thousands of new cases in a week

The number of flu cases in Germany has increased significantly. In the past week, about 9200 have been confirmed in the laboratory for influenza infections reported, such as the Association of Influenza in its latest week report. The were about twice as many as in the previous week.

Since October, a total of 20.100 flu cases and 49 deaths-confirmed cases have been reported so far. The number of unreported cases is probably higher because not every flu is clarified with the doctor. How strong is the current wave of Flu will be, is difficult to predict.

The flu season last Winter was exceptionally strong. Overall, in season 2017/18 in Germany, about 334,000 laboratory-confirmed influenza have been registered diseases.

Flu-2019: four-fold vaccine for risk groups

For a flu vaccination, it is not according to the health insurance company Barmer too late. After the injection, it would take about two weeks before the immunity is built up. After that, the risk of Influenza was significantly lower, if not completely excluded.

In this Winter, the influenza vaccination with a quadruple vaccine. The Robert Koch Institute advises, in particular, people over 60 years of age, Pregnant women, the chronically ill and medical staff to a flu vaccination.