The start of school at 8.40? Researchers call for rethinking teacher, however

No, it is not new. The discussion of whether or not you can expect students to solve eight o’clock, quadratic equations, hovering in place for several years, teachers, parents and the students themselves. Legions of scientists to the question of why the early bird catches the worm and in the first hour, the employees like gen Zero. Sleep researchers advise, therefore, to leave the lessons until nine o’clock start. The German teachers ‘ Association, however, holds to come to the reasons later. The students are hanging somewhere in between. Because one thing is clear: the one Who comes later, has to stay longer.

Sleep researchers warn: no light, no power

We approach scientific us of the thing first of all: “early types, the early getting Up, no more problems,” says child and youth doctor Alfred Wiater of the German society for sleep research and sleep medicine (DGSM). However, a change in many people during puberty, the internal clock in the direction of the delayed type. “You will be in the evening, later, tired, to sleep later and need in the morning, a longer sleep, in order to meet its physiological need for Sleep,” says Wiater. “Lack of sleep limits the efficiency, leads to concentration and stamina disorders and makes a bad mood.” Four reasons not to do so, students in the morning at eight o’clock in the math – or, to quote English lessons. A fifth reason, the head of the sleep medical centre in Nuremberg knows. Not the time, influencing the internal clock, but the time it is exposed to sunlight, says Joachim Ficker. “It should make lots of natural light on the retina.” Do more alert and efficient. A perfect combination for all Involved. If it would be so easy …

Teachers skeptical: lessons after lunch?

Heinz-Peter Meidinger, Chairman of the German teachers ‘ Association, is the rector of the Robert-Koch-gymnasium in Deggendorf, and knows the suffering unausgeschlafenen students. At the same time he identifies the problems that result from a later Start. The school buses would be first, especially out in the country, by gathering students in a large radius and often several schools starting. If the all start at different times, be problematic. In addition, a later school means the beginning of also come in the lunch time. “You would have to offer a lunch care, and after the lunch break, again lesson make. The finds little acceptance.” Of Meidinger is convinced.

In the US-American Seattle man tried it is easy. Beginning the lesson has been postponed at several schools, a good half an hour at 8.45 am to the rear. Researchers at the University of Washington, who accompanied the project, have reported amazing results. Therefore, the students slept an average of 34 minutes longer, their performance improved and absenteeism were low. So maybe?

Students uncertain: 8.40 PM Yes – up to 14 at school? No.

Now, what the students themselves say? In September of the Kika, a television channel for children and teenagers published a study of 1300 First – to sixth-graders. Accordingly, the average of a school start-up wanted to 8.40 PM. Who will ask around, in private, gets great approval. Gorgeous. After the terrified backing out the following: “But then the school would take up to 14 hours.” And now the crucial question: Dear morning, get up later or in the afternoon for another hour of leisure? For rector’s Literature is clear. “The free afternoon the young people from the more important, as the late Stand up.”

Summer time, darkness: a teacher Association mad

Since it comes just at the right time, at the 27. October the clocks are put back one hour. 60 minutes of more sleep. For all of you. From eight o’clock seven o’clock and in the morning it is for a few weeks earlier bright. That from the end of March, 2020 the summer time, and maybe for longer, it’s not good for the teacher’s Association at all. “The children would then have to go a lot longer in the dark to school,” rails Meidinger.

This way, whether light or dark – should students go by the way of walking. “That’s enough, in order to synchronize the internal clock and to give the body a clear start signal”, says Sleep doctor Joachim Ficker. The Signal is: “Now is Tomorrow, now day, now it’s happening!”

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