VAS deferens inflammation – causes, symptoms and treatment

Almost everyone knows how sensitive to pain the male genital area is by nature. Of the most painful diseases, the the male gender suffer can, belongs to the VAS deferens inflammation (Deferentitis). The pain that can in the course of the disease in water or even at rest, the bear, for men often. The causes of a VAS deferens inflammation can be very complex. Often a Vorentzündung of the testicles or of the prostate gland as a trigger, however, other reasons for Deferentitis are eligible in principle. With timely treatment, the inflammation of the VAS deferens heals completely. The therapy should begin absence, however, or with a time delay, threaten serious damage and loss of functionality in the male genitalia, which do not exclude even permanent impotence. Such as the late best consequences possible, and the measures for the prevention of a VAS deferens inflammation taken prevent, you will learn below.

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The VAS deferens (Ductus deferens) shall indicate that portion of the male genitalia, the urethra, the epididymis connects. For the reproductive ability of the man you are is essential, as it is considered part of the spermatic cord (Funiculus spermaticus) in the testis produced sperm in the Penis transport. The structure of a seed head resembles a tube-like hollow organ. In addition, they are skins with mucus and a muscular layer lined, which facilitate the transport function. If within the hollow organ infectious agent to settle, it comes to an inflammation of the VAS deferens.

In most cases, the VAS deferens inflammation is preceded by a Vorentzündung in the male genital area, which triggers an inflammatory consequence of infection of the seed head. The Deferentitis remains for a long time if left untreated, it can lead also to the further consequence of infections. Typical complications are:

  • Spermatic cord inflammation (Funiculitis or Spermatitis) ,
  • Epididymis Inflammation (Epididymitis).

In most cases, a Vorinfektion of the testicles or of the prostate for the seed head of inflammation. Both clinical pictures are similar to the Deferentitis symptoms strong, it also associated with severe pain during urination. The most common infectious agents are:

  • Chlamydia
  • E. coli (Escherichia coli),
  • Enterococci,
  • Mycoplasma,
  • Neisserien,
  • Staphylococci,
  • Treponema,
  • Trichomonien
  • and different strains of the Virus

Testicular inflammation as the main cause

By far the most common cause of VAS deferens inflammation is the testicular inflammation (Orchitis). Often it is a bacterial infection by Escherichia coli bacteria, staphylococci, streptococci, or Neisserien owed, which, in turn, by diseases such as prostate inflammation (Prostatitis), or an aggressive urethra inflammation (Urethritis) in the testicles. In addition, traumatic causes, such as an extreme trauma to the testicles, followed by wound inflammation is not unreasonable.

It will be seen that the spread of the pathogen plays a result of infection of the male genitalia is a higher-level role. This is not surprising, when you consider that the male urethra and prostate are very closely associated with the testis and sperm heads. Basically a result of infections lead to the unimpeded rise of a primary infection in the male genital complex. The further the infection progresses, the more dangerous it can be for the fertility of the man.

In addition to bacterial pathogens, viruses are occasionally in the development of a testis or the head inflammation of the Seeds involved. Especially the viral pathogen of the classic childhood diseases as a possible inflammation of the polluter-pays hold. These include:

  • Measles virus,
  • Mumps virus
  • and rubella viruses.

The pathogens arrive at a far advanced stage of the disease through the bloodstream in the male genital area, which then has a corresponding inflammation of the symptoms. Whether first a Orchitis and then a Deferentitis, or Vice versa, is not always clearly set.

Also conceivable is a testicular inflammation due to rheumatic pre-existing conditions, have a high inflammatory potential. One speaks here also of the Orchitis rheumatica. Although the disease affects primarily the joints, corresponding to the inflammatory processes to the surrounding tissue. The testicles are not excluded in the case of advanced disease and an involvement of the VAS deferens is extremely likely.

A most likely of autoimmune processes in the body triggered by this Form of orchitis is the granulomatous Orchitis, which is used primarily in older men occurs. It leads to an inflammatory nodule formation (granuloma formation) within the testicular tissue, which is created by an increased accumulation of phagocytic cells of the immune system, which are also known as a macrophage. Why do the macrophages do this against the body’s own testicular tissue, is not yet finally clarified. An extension of the inflammatory process on the seed head is at least conceivable.

Venereal diseases

Again and again, inflammation in the male genital will be triggered the area by previous venereal diseases. The causative agent, the Tripper well-known gonorrhea (Neisseria gonorrhoeae), for example, is a rare trigger of the testicles inflammation. Consequently, sexually transmitted infectious diseases can cause extensive inflammatory processes in the testis, sperm heads and the male urethra. A few more examples of such infection scenarios are pathogens, such as

  • Candida Fungi,
  • Chlamydia,
  • Trichomonas vaginal
  • and Herpes genital.

They all lead to infectious sexually transmitted diseases, which can provoke in a man inflammatory consequence of infection within the sex organs.

Lack Of Hygiene

The emergence of numerous venereal diseases is due to insufficient Hygiene of the intimate area of one or both sexual partners. And also in the seed head of inflammation of the appropriate hygiene deficits may play a role. Apart from the fact that sexually transmitted pathogens can find their way into the male sex organs, if the lack of prevention and poor genital cleaning offer you the possibility of creating a permanently unclean Milieu in the genital area for other infection is a favorable environment for multiplication of germs. It is now rarely used underwear or insufficient Hygiene after using the toilet. The possible ways in which a damp, poorly purified intimate environment can be used to develop a stomping ground for bacteria and other pathogens, and are versatile. Sensible hygiene measures in daily life are, therefore, one of the most important preventive measures against seed head of inflammation.

Surgery complications

An inflammation of the reason of a quite different nature is complications during surgical interventions in the area of the seed head. Especially in the case of a vasectomy, the Severing of the VAS deferens to sterilization purposes, it is Often to inflammatory reactions to Surgical instruments or the wound-ignition due to lack of Hygiene. The latter shows again that adequate hygiene measures for the prevention of inflammation of the seed heads are not limited to sexual intercourse.


VAS deferens inflammation, all preceded by pain during urination is noticeable. These pain symptoms can be extremely varied. Of a Burning sensation before or after urination, stabbing pain in the course of the mere urge to urinate up to different pain localizations, numerous complaints are possible. Add to that pain, regardless of the water can occur, as well as the optical changes in the Penis due to the inflammation. Overall, men have to reckon with Deferentitis with the following complaints:

  • burning pain during and after urination,
  • Groin pain,
  • Pain during sexual intercourse,
  • Testicular pain,
  • Pain in the prostate,
  • Swelling in the area of the seed head,
  • whitish discharge of inflammatory secretions
  • and increased urge to urinate (with or without pain involvement).

Caution: The symptoms of a VAS deferens inflammation with signs of an inguinal hernia, confused, especially if disease-related groin pain and swelling in the Groin or testicular area occur in combination.


In order to make a goal of leading diagnostics, make a visit to the men in cases of suspected VAS deferens inflammation directly to a urological practice. In the case of a patient survey (medical history) the doctor first, according to the existing symptoms, as well as to the nature and location of any pain. Patients should mention here also necessarily possible infection events, as well as existing pre-existing conditions, so that the urologist can make a complete picture as to possible causes of disease.

In the second step, a thorough physical examination is performed at suspicion on an inflammation of the VAS deferens. Here, the VAS deferens and testicle will first be on the possible swelling is sampled and it is checked whether an inflammatory discharge. This is the case, is taken a swab of the inflammation, mucus, and in the laboratory on pathogen studied. An ultrasound may eventually constitute existing inflammatory processes. In addition, blood and urine tests are performed to identify Inflammation – causing agents. Protein and blood in the urine to show also how far the inflammation has progressed.


Depending on the cause and Erregerart various treatment measures in the case of seed head of inflammation into consideration. A medical treatment with antibiotics is usually unavoidable, because only in this way pathogens can be quickly and selectively rendered harmless. This is important in order to prevent further spread of the inflammation and, therefore, serious functional and tissue damage to seed heads and testicles. In addition, there are some medicinal herbal and private measures that can be applied to accelerate the healing process.


A bacterial inflammation of the VAS deferens must be treated with antibiotics. Popular products are here, such as Cephalosporin, cotrimoxazole or Penicillin, the latter should only apply if there is evidence that Penicillin-intolerant patients. Parasites such as chlamydia or Mycoplasma can be identified as the author of Deferentitis, grab the urologist, however, rather to tetracycline. In trichomoniasis metronidazole is the drug of first choice, and fungal infections with antifungal agents to treat. In addition, the administration of pain medication for symptom treatment, is also conceivable.

Medicinal herbs

There are some herbs that promise in the inflamed seed heads or testicles. Medicinal plant number one of the monk’s pepper. The Plant is known as a men’s herb, it can, however, especially in inflammatory diseases to gain in the male genital area, the relief. You can be drunk as a tea prepared, and then in small SIPS. The same is true for

  • Saw Palmetto,
  • Guaiac,
  • Small pasque flower,
  • Red Cedar,
  • and juniper.

Red cedar and guaiac should in particular help in the case of VAS deferens inflammation due to gonorrhea infections. Pasque flower has also proven effective in seed head of inflammation with the involvement of the epididymis. Juniper is recommended for all forms of Deferentitis, with just a healing sitz bath in juniper water.

Other Measures

During treatment, the VAS deferens inflammation of the men should temporarily refrain from intercourse. The danger is that the sex act more irritation and pain in the genital area. On the other, the risk of infection and, therefore, further spread of an existing infection, which must be avoided in the course of intimate contact.

Even conservation is during the healing phase is extremely important, because any movement could extend the inflammation by unnecessary irritation. In addition, it is advisable to of the testes and VAS deferens in the best possible way to store high (for example, on a small pillow), to the genitals of a Hanging, stop and weight relief, improvement of the complaints. To cool the testicles, in order to reduce the Pain, also makes sense. In addition, adequate cooling is also important because the inflammatory processes in the testicles area are driving the local temperature in the height. The local fever is a big threat to the functionality and vitality of the sperm, which are threatened by the inflammation already. For this reason, the repeated application of heat packs is recommended, even if it feels perhaps a little uncomfortable.

With a view to Hygiene is very important to make sure that no new germ environment is promoted in the area of the genitals. Men should operate in the case of illness, so regular but gentle intimate care. You wash as a patient, your intimate area every day, use Soaps, but rather pure water and gentle Cleansing, without harsh additives. (ma)