When medications lose sleep over

The problem is that the – or by sleeping for long periods of time difficult, talk to doctors from a sleep disorder. Often, Stress and wrong habits are responsible for it. But also the intake of certain medications can disturb sleep. The chamber of pharmacists of lower Saxony.

Certain medicines and drugs lead to sleep disturbances. To drive count-enhancing antidepressants, stimulant drugs such as appetite suppressants as well as circulation-stimulating drugs or incorrect doses of antidiabetic agents. Also various hormone preparations such as cortisone and thyroid hormones, as well as certain decongestant nose drops and asthma medications can lead to sleep disorders.

Patients taking diuretics, need to consult, under certain circumstances, several times a night the toilet. Those who take expectorant drugs, wakes up in the night may be, to be able to the mucus expectoration. Cough can also be a side effect of ACE inhibitors, which are used for the treatment of hypertension.

The preparations are required, sleep interference due to the correct taking the time avoid. This can leave patients in the local pharmacy for advice. Often it is also useful, the first two to three weeks after taking the beginning keep going: in some cases, the side effects decrease after this habituation phase.

Any Patient taking more than three drugs, is also entitled to a medication plan. Doctors and pharmacists can use it to determine, among other things, whether multiple regulations by different Doctors, the reason for the sleep disturbances.

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