Why are we getting fatter? Jenke find the answer – but in a different way than expected

Nadya, 30 years old, 136 pounds, like riding the carousel. With Jenke of Wilmsdorff you visited a Funfair. You want to business in a minute, but the Problem is the Ironing. Again and again the operator tried to get him to push down. However, he will not engage, Nadya is too thick. “What is the Problem? The belly, or what?” asked by Wilmsdorff, has taken in addition to Nadya’s place. His handle is closed. “Belly, Breasts,” says the fair man. “Normally, this takes place under the eyes of all the people who want to drive here?”, asked by Wilmsdorff, turning to this Time, Nadya. She nods. “Urgh,” says the TV Reporter. “What a mess.”

The TV documentary, this scene bears the title “Jenke makes courage – The severity of the fight against the Kilos”. RTL, the documentary revealed on Monday evening to Prime time at 20.15 clock. And it seems a little ironic that, of all things, a TV documentary, which is supposed to make according to the title “courage”, starts with a scene such as this.

The theme of the show is important, no question. The fight against Obesity. This fight affects not only the Individual, but society as a whole. “Every second German is too fat. Being overweight makes you sick,” says Jenke of Wilmsdorff, which is likely to be many TV viewers as a Reporter of “the Jenke-experiment”. He wants to know: “Why are we getting fatter? And especially: How to take permanently?”

In order to find answers to these questions, accompanied the TV-Team of two obese people: Because Simone would be 43 years old and mother of two. When her parents divorce, she seeks solace in food. “This is no Hunger, my body feels, but as a soul-hunger,” says the educator, who weighs 135 pounds. Or Nadya from the input scene. It is Binge-Eaterin with uncontrollable Binges. Also brings you to 136 pounds on the scale. You want to lose weight using a gastric bypass; Simone tried it with a Diet and exercise.

Thick, thicker, thickest

It is a key scene of the documentary, because it is revealing and one of the main reasons for the obesity epidemic revealed: Many people have lost the respect for food. You don’t know how many calories, how much fat or sugar put in the food that you consume. And the food industry does the rest to conceal this information. Nutritional tables are hidden in the small print on the back of the packaging. Traffic light systems, which divide food into categories, reject many of the food giants. Instead, the powerful food brings lobby of their own, very controversial, because of the misleading labels on the way.

RTL does not use the line at the Breakfast buffet. Unfortunately. Because the attachment points would have been plenty:

Fat – and sugar-rich foods are often marketed as healthy Lifestyle products. For consumers, this is not seen at first glance. The real “health value” of the food is obscured by the natural looking packaging. (Read more here)

– Savoury items can be added, and sugar contain, for example, Ravioli out of a can or frozen pizza. (Read more here)

– Consumer advocates and medical experts, including the TV doctor Eckart von Hirschhausen – have long been calling for political measures to be taken against unhealthy food, such as a sugar tax. Some experts are calling for unhealthy foods to be higher taxing and taxing at the same time vegetables less best. But so far, the policy is to make the corresponding measures on the way bristles. (Read more here)

“It takes political courage”

The second enlightening Moment, a visit to the “food watch” in Berlin. “How much responsibility does the food industry?” Reporter Jenke asks. “It made us very hard to eat a balanced diet and healthy,” explains the food watch-expert Luise Molling. Molling area refers to Nutrition facts labels, such as the Nutri-Score, which divides foods according to traffic light colors. The System will be applied by some manufacturers in Germany on a voluntary Basis – but it is not mandatory. In countries such as Belgium or France, the Nutri-Score was used, however, across the Board.

And then Molling says something crucial: “If we really want something for the health of the population, if we really want to put this obesity epidemic, and this epidemic of Diabetes to counteract this, then we need legislation and we need to act against the interests of corporations and not in accordance with these.”

Jenke interrupts the conversation to a core set down: “It takes political courage to make things change.” It is probably the most important finding of the 100-minute documentary. And it is high time that something changes.

The shipment down to have a Look, there are here.

15 cubes of sugar in a box of “Ferrero yogurt-cuts, blueberry & Cranberry” – as shown

In these cuts, yogurt stick and berries. Sounds good at first. Not even sweet ingredients such as sugar, glucose syrup with fructose, as a sugar, skimmed milk yoghurt powder, pear juice concentrate and honey grapes. Proposal of Öko-Test: rename it the “sugar-fat-cream-cuts”. Sugar and fat in the supposedly healthy yoghurt-berries-from-sections together, a good 53 percent.

100 grams of the product contain up to 31.5 grams of sugar. The specified number of sugar cubes also includes a natural Sweetness.