Why the risk of death for patients at the weekend is higher

Who’s coming on the weekend in the hospital, has a significantly higher risk not to survive the stay. This is shown by numerous studies for different countries. This week, the end is often the result mainly of a lower staffing back – experts doubt that in a new analysis.

For the study, a British team of researchers evaluated 68 studies, most of them from the United States and the United Kingdom. In total, the analysis included data from 640 million patients who had at the weekend in the hospital. Their likelihood of dying was approximately 16 percent higher than in the case of people who have been recorded on working days.

From the data, no clear cause for the higher mortality could, however, rate, deduce, write the scientists to Yen-Fu Chen of the University of Warwick in the journal “BMJ Open”. Instead, there is evidence to suggest that, in addition to a worse occupation with a healthcare professional, mainly on the nature and Severity of the disease played a role.

Effect in the case of planned operations, very strong

The studies, according to the week end very much depends on what is the reason for the patient into the hospital. While in the case of Pregnant women about hardly any differences were detectable, was pronounced, the effect on planned operations in particular.

“Fewer patients are admitted on the weekend to the hospital, and their Profiles are different from those who come during the week: they are sicker and more of them are intensively treated medically,” says Julian Bion, Co-author of the study. Also, it is likely that complex interventions were more often planned for the weekend, according to the researchers. As examples, they call the hip and knee operations, for the as a result of emergencies during the week, often there is no time.

The research group warns, to explain the higher mortality rate alone, with a poorer supply. However, do not speak, that not all patient groups are affected, including the data from the rich location. So was examined in a study of how much staff was on site and what is the state of health of the patient to the hospital came.

The scientists want to refute the results of the Fears of patients: “In the end, no one ill at the weekend, shy away from it should go to the hospital or to postpone,” says Bion.

“Worse personnel structure, obviously,”

German experts still continue to believe that the quality of care suffers at the weekends. The deterioration in the structure of the staff was obvious, said Anna Slagman, a Professor of emergency medical services research at the Charité Berlin. If, in addition, patients with more serious diseases, such as the researcher of this study to adopt it, reinforcing this is the Problem.

“Of course, the possibility that patients wait on the weekend, maybe longer, before you go to the emergency room is. But it is precisely against the Background that these patients have a poorer prognosis, we must be able to with the proper care respond.”

Ruth Hecker, Vice-Chairman of the action Alliance patient safety indicates that supply deficits on Saturdays and Sundays. “It is above all young Doctors working at the weekend, often enough, the specialist doctors are only available as call service available and there are also less SURGICAL and other diagnostic resources available.”

In Germany, the week is not occupied by the end of the day though explicitly stated by studies, experts predict, however, that he also plays here a role.